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 Is your business growing at the rate you expect?

You may lease a turnkey package to include 
software, hardware, installation, training, and maintenance.  
Or 'software only' leasing is available!
Payback starts the first month - and continues every month!!

Consider these benefits:

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Important Note:
Any calculations performed do not in any way constitute an offer to rent, lease or otherwise purchase software and/or services. Enterprise CodeWorks  Inc. provides this tool on behalf of Team Equipment Leasing, Inc. only to illustrate the type of services which may be available to the viewer. All amounts are subject to approval of the applicant as lessee and rates negotiated with the lessor.
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* Preserve working capital: Maintain existing lines of credit
* Avoid capital budget constraints: Speed up the internal approval process
* Full 100% financing: Credit approvals up to $75,000 without financial statement 

* Low lease rates: Credit request is often approved in one day!
* Possible tax benefits: Your lease payment may be tax deductible 

* Flexible lease terms: From 12-60 months. Purchase options of 10%, $1 and FMV
* Technology refresh:  Add on new equipment and your payment stays the same! 

* New businesses can qualify: Up to $20,000
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